Dreamon Benjamin and Muskari Lilbit's kittens

arrived August 6, 2022!  They had 3 beautiful babies.

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Bengals Raised With Heart!
I am a registered (TICA and TIBCS) small scale breeder with a dedicated interest in striving for the very best quality Bengal cats possible focusing on temperament, coat and coloration.  I am committed to preserving the wild, feral look and uniqueness of the Asian Leopard Cat while at the same time nurturing the domesticity and loving gentleness required in order to obtain a truly wonderful pet.

My litters are specifically spaced to enable me to give complete and individual attention to each and every one of my kittens and their parents.  They have excellent pedigrees.  If you are looking for a Bengal, check my Kittens Available page as I may have something for you.

My journey raising Bengals started 23 years ago and my love affair with these remarkable cats continues on.  Please enjoy your visit as you meet my cats and enjoy the photos of them as well as some of their offspring.


Outside Play Area
Karen Shaw
Westfield, Massachusetts  01085

413 427-2812

Member of TICA since 1998.  This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc. To clarify, however,  TICA does NOT inspect and/or  endorse ANY cattery but requires this disclaimer.