These are photos collected over the years that either have sentimental significance or
are just plain cute.  Hope you enjoy them.







Hi Karen,Just wanted to say hi.
Can't believe it's going to be three years already.Haven't sent any pics of Chyka in a while. Here she's enjoying her own bedroom.
Hope all is well. Chyka been great, she loves to play and she's so spoiled! Best, Eric
While none of these photo are with my real camera, they may give you an idea at how in love we are with Hamilton and Lucy (formerly Mary and Barry). The girls adore them. The four of us spend hours just watching them wrestle and sprint around the house. You were correct- within hours of being home they escaped the pen Steve built! oks well. We are in love!

Thank you for helping in the process. It was a big step for us and we could not be happier. They are so great with the girls and their crazy friends. They follow us around and are snuggly when they are not zipping around.

Erin, Steve, Tierney and Elizabeth
Another of Aria


Another of Mowgli


Askaribengals Katniss

Askaribengas Cooper
Hi Karen, Just thought I would give you an update on this beautiful kitten. There is no official name yet. Each Friday when the kids come over for dinner they throw some names around and then can't make a decision. I am letting them decide.

Karen, I wanted to contact you about the kitten we bought from you in 1999.  She has been extraordinary.  It was Bengal Marble F Litter SBT061999.  Born 6/19/99.  We named her June.  She has been my moms lifetime companion, the bond they had was indeed spiritual. mom passed away on Wednesday with June and I by her side.  The story I could write of June's reaction through and after the process would be a best seller.  Mom and June the last 4 years lived in an assisted living facility and all the staff loved her, even her VERY loud meow.  She has been a healthy cat with just a few, teeth and a bout of pancreatitis where she was treated and recovered nicely at Tufts Vet Clinic.

My mom died three months shy of her 100th birthday and June is well over that at almost 20!  June had been getting weaker the last several months (her kidneys were starting to fail) and we did not know who would outlive each other.  They were both lionesses in their own right and were keeping each other going.

I made the decision to euthanize June this week.  She wouldn't have adapted well outside of the assisted living apartment and unfortunately I couldn't find a willing caretaker for her at her age and state of health, and the loud meow!!!!  There is a wonderful in home hospice vet here in Bozeman Mt (where we moved over 10 years ago) Chris O'Rourke with Peaceful Journey.  She is amazing and it was June's last journey painless and peaceful being held by me and having a full bowl of shrimp just prior.

I wanted to let you know the cat's longevity for your records and also to assure you she had a magnificent life filled with love and pampering.  Here is a picture of June last evening on her final journey to meet my mom.  Her paw is over my moms pajamas and lock of hair that will be cremated with her.  Both their ashes will be combined and June will have a paw print clay mold made that will stay with us.  Thank you for such a wonderful pet.  If you would like to chat with me, feel free at xxx xxx-xxxx Leslie Campbell