The Askari Girls

Please enjoy your visit to this page acquainting you a bit to each of my girls. 

For additional photos and more about each of them,
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And She is just that!  Fancy.  Love this girl to pieces.  One of the best personalities ever and she has wonderful kittens.  Please click on her photo to see her grow up.

Crystal Light is absolutely stunning and has the personality to match. 
She's so smart and is usually one step ahead of me! 

NCPBengals Rosie of Askaribengals
What can I say about Rosie.  She is an absolute love.  Everyone's favorite because she is so personable.  Her kittens display her wonderful attributes and I'm so happy to have her.
Askaribengals Shimmer
Askaribengals Shimmering Eclipse
Shimmer for short is my soulmate! She plays fetch, is an extremely great mother and has the most wonderful, friendly kittens!
Askaribengals Sassy

And she is just that!  Sassy!  Her expression just says "Who Me?  I can do no wrong."  She is into everything and
loves to play more than most cats.  Looking forward to kittens from her next year.